Pet Codes

Here are the pet codes to ALL of the pets on Fantage! Enjoy~

Pebbles Family: Starter Egg
Mumbo: Low Light + Medim Temp.
Weebo: Medium Light + Warm Temp.
Jimbo: High Light + Medium Temp.
Tombo: Low Light + Cool Temp.
Rumbo: High Light + Cool Temp.

Cosmos Family: Sunshine Egg
Rocki: Low Light + Warm Temp.
Poofi: Medium Light + Warm Temp.
Sparkli: Medium Light + Medium Temp.
Charmi: Low Light + Cool Temp.
Beami: Highest Light + Medium Temp.

Fairies Family: Orange Star Egg
Mylo: Low Light + Medium Temp.
Shylo: Highest Light + Cool Temp.
Lolo: Highest Light + Warm Temp.
Ceelo: Medium Light + Cool Temp.
Halo: High Light + Warm Temp.

Dinos Family: Spotted Egg
Bubu: Medium Light + Cool Temp.
Chloe: Low Light + Cool Temp
Tootsie: Medium Light + Medium Temp.
Bella: High Light Warm Temp.
Bello: Lowest Light + Warm Temp.

Firepuffs Family: Fiery Orange Egg
Scruffie: High Light + Cool Temp.
Punkie: Highest Light + Medium Temp.
Fluffie: Lowest Light + Medium Temp
Pixie: High Light + Warm Temp
Ashie: Low Light + Warm Temp

Cuddlies Family: Olive Egg
Zumi: Lowest Light + Warm Temp.
Feebi: High Light + Medium Temp.
Kiki: High Light + Warm Temp.
Leefi: Medium Light + Cool Temp.
Elli: Lowest Light + Cold Temp.

Jellies Family: Cloudy Skies Egg
Jigglie: Highest Light + Medium Temp.
Bloopie: Low Light + Medium Temp.
Razzle: High Light + Warm Temp.
Peachfuzz: Low Light + Warm Temp.
Goober: Low Light + Cold Temp.

Aeropuffs Family: Purple Madness Egg
Nana: Lowest Light + Cool Temp.
Spinner: Highest Light + Cool Temp.
Flora: Medium Light + Medium Temp.
Turnip: High Light + Cold Temp.
Monko: Lowest Light + Warm Temp.

Barnacles Family: Red Ribbon Egg
Zuzu: Highest Light + Warm Temp.
Jombu: Low Light + Hot Temp.
Miku: Lowest Light + Cool Temp.
Chibu: Highest Light + Cold Temp.
Karu: Highest Light + Hot Temp.

Feathers Family: Secret Lock Egg
Minty: Lowest Light + Medium Temp.
Rakoon: Low Light + Warm Temp.
Lovely: Low Light + Cold Temp.
Puffy: Medium Light + Hot Temp.
Snowball: High Light + Cool Temp.

Frosties Family: Frosty Egg
Shivers: Warm Temp + Medium Light
Gilbert: Cold Temp + Medium Light
Wally: Hot Temp + Highest Light
Twinkle: Cool Temp + Low light
Beeker: Hot Temp + Lowest Light
Ribbons Family: Pointy Ribbon Egg
Pogo: Medium Temp. + Low Light
Bobo: Cold Temp. + Low Light
Yoyo: Warm Temp. + Lowest Light
Rob:  Cool Temp. + Medium Light
Jojo: Hot Temp. + Low Light